AdoreAdolls Cattery of Ragdolls and British Blue Cats and Kittens


AdoreAdoll’s  is a small cattery in the rolling green country side of Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa, specializing in purrsonality, health and beautiful cats.  We currently love Ragdolls and British Blues, also known as the British Shorthair. Our kittens have been raised underfoot, and are well socialized and loved.

Ragdoll Cats South Africa

The Ragdolls captured my heart with their fabulous blue eyes and amazing gentle nature. Their luxuriously soft fluffy coats whilst sharing the look of a Persian do not need as much maintenance as most long haired cats and their bodies going limp as a Ragdoll when you pick them up fascinates me.

Our cats come from Champion Blood Lines, free of genetic and hereditary disease, and have a  health guarantee. Our Ragdolls are our pets and we take pride in our breeders which come from reputable catteries free from genetic disease and are the homes of champions, Our kitties personalities and health is top priority.

Cats were always a part of our family, including those we adopted from the shelters over the years, but when we got to know a Ragdoll, we could not help ourselves and fell in love with the breed, as I am sure you will also.

British Blue Cats

Who can resist the British Shorthair’s  chipmunk cheeks and adoreable faces? Adoreadolls has just added two British Blue, furrable companions to our family. We are looking so forward to getting to know this luxurious breed. Have a look at our newest British Shorthair family members, Kingston and Olivia. We are sure you will soon become just as besotted with this beautiful cat as we are.

Adoreadoll Kittens

We aim to raise healthy big beautiful blue eyed kittens with personalities that will make your heart melt. When our future kittens reach the appropriate age they will be placed in well screened homes after receiving their shots and being early spay / neutered. This is not negotiable and NO cats will be sold for breeding purposes. Please don’t even bother asking.

Kittens will be driven by me, either to Johannesburg or Durban and can be flown to any airport within South Africa. Alternatively you are welcome to collect your furbaby from us and meet the rest of the family.
Please feel free to browse through our website and meet our cats. For further information, and/or questions, please, feel free to contact us.