Kitten Info When Adopting One Of Our Babies


All my kittens are raised in home with lots of love and attention. All are handled daily from birth to give them the best start. Our babies are raised as part of our family.
All my Ragdoll babies will leave for the forever homes at 16 weeks of age “NO SOONER” This allows these precious babies all the time they need with their mum, dad and siblings to socialise and learn all about being a well rounded and stable baby for you. It also gives them plenty of time to get over their desexing operations.
I will only sell my Kittens to “INDOOR ONLY” homes as there are just too many dangers outdoors for them, not to mention the fact that they could get lost or be stolen.
If they need to go outside then please make sure you have an approved cat proof enclosure for them to be in. Supervised outside visits on a harness are also acceptable.
While they do love their outdoor time, it is by no means a nessesary thing to keep them happy. As long as they have plenty of toys and scratch posts you kitten will live a very happy life inside.


* Registered with SACC
* Health checked by a vet twice
* Desexed (This is not negotiable)
* Mirco Chipped
* 2x Vaccinations
* Up to date with all worming and flea treatments
* Litter trained and sold with a signed contract.



Here are some basic tips for when you bring your new kitten or cat home. We hope this helps to make the transition from our home to your home an easy one. Remember, if you EVER have any questions or concerns, we are only a phone call away and will do our very best to help you.

** We recommend only feeding dry food and giving a small amount of wet as an occasional treat. Be careful not to overdo the wet foods as they can cause loose stools. This also includes any other treats you want to give. A little bit will go a long way!

** When you bring your kitten home, a small litter pan is fine, however as the kitten grows you will need to purchase a bigger one. The one’s that have the detachable ring are very good in keeping the litter in the box and off your floor. Any clay or scoopable non clumping litter will be fine. Also, a good deodorizer for the litter works wonders. They are specially made for the litter and do make a difference. A good rule is one litter box per kitten, per floor. If you have multiple cats, it’s best to have one ADDITIONAL litter box than the number of cats. Example: 3 cats = 4 litter pans Make sure to scoop them daily and clean them weekly replacing with fresh litter. If the litter box is dirty, the kitten most likely will not use it and will find somewhere else to relieve himself!

** It is imperative that you find a good veterinarian that you trust and that also has 24-hour emergency care. Be sure to take your new kitten to the vet within the first 72 hours per your contract. We take every step possible to ensure you are getting a healthy, happy kitten; however, any reputable breeder will have some clause in their contract for the kitten to see a licensed vet. This is not only for your and the breeder’s protection, but for the kitten’s health as well. We make sure to keep your new ‘purrbaby’ up to date on all shots and examinations so make sure to bring the kitten’s Health Record with you to your veterinarian so that he can see what the kitten has received and will advise you as to what his vaccination protocol is.

** When bringing your new kitten home, it is best to keep him in a small area, like a bathroom at first, until he is comfortable with his new surroundings. Then you can allow him access to another room and so on, until he has full run of your home.

** Make sure to teach small children how to handle the kitten gently. The kitten is not a toy, but a living creature and deserves the love and respect we show others. By showing them the proper way in the beginning, you’re ensuring the safety of the kitten as well as building a lifelong companionship for your child.

** If your new purrbaby will be coming into a home with other animals, be sure to keep them separated and slowly introduce ONE animal at a time. NEVER leave them together unsupervised until you are sure, they have declared a ‘cease fire’. We find that within about a week or so, everyone is getting along wonderfully. Your kitten has been raised in a family environment and lots of other cats; therefore, the adjustment shouldn’t take long. You’ll probably find that your other animals will go through more of an adjustment period. Just give them the time they need and make sure to give them lots of love also.

** We highly advise you NOT to declaw your new kitten as this is a form of mutilation. The purchase of the appropriate cat scratching furniture will save YOUR furniture. It’s a cat’s natural behavior to scratch, you’ll just need to show him WHERE you prefer this to be done. Also, make sure to buy some cat toys. Kittens love to play and so do many adults. It is also important to clip the kittens nails. You can use baby clippers or adult clippers to do this. Simply squeeze the paw to retract the claw and clip the end of the nail off. Make sure not to clip into the quik.

** Ragdolls have medium long, thick fur; therefore, they don’t requiring extra care and grooming, a good petting everyday will do. However, If your new ‘purrbaby’ develops fur that tends to matt, which is unlikely, make sure to comb him more often. If you do find a mat, make sure to remove it immediately because it will only get worse.

** Lastly, when you take your new kitty home, please realize that he will be under a great deal of stress. He will be leaving his Mother and littermates, as well as the family he has come to know and love. Some kittens will seem like they have a cold because of this, but it is only due to the stress of the new environment. If your kitten comes down with symptoms of a cold during the transition, such as sneezing, watery eyes, or discharge from its nose, contact your vet. It is common for this to occur.

By spending time, playing and giving your new kitten lots of love and attention, the transition from our home to yours should run quite smoothly. If you need ANYTHING, are uncertain about something, or just need to ask a question, PLEASE call us anytime. We are here for you indefinitely and will do absolutely everything we can to help make this transition a pleasant one for both you and your new kitten!