Soulmates “SABASTIAN” of AdoreAdoll’s

Sabastian – Neuter

Sabastian  is a handsome Seal Bi Colour Boy from Soulmates. His parents are Cajunragdolls Crazy Horse of Soulmates (IMP) and  Soulmates Valentine. He and his sister are much loved pets and were the start of our Ragdoll addiction.  He is a huge boy with the most impressive colouring but is a gentle boy who unlike his socialite sister is not as outgoing but extremely close to his human family. He will stand at the top of the stairs and “talk” to us in little cat chirps until he can herd us away from the visitors and back into the bedroom where he can settle happily on top of one of us and refuse to share us anymore. He knows just how to get his way. Little  lover boy. Thank you Marilyn and Cheryl for “our Sab babies”

Gallery of Sabastian