Soulmates “SABRINA” of AdoreAdoll’s

Sabrina – Spay 


Sabrina is beautiful Blue Bi Colour girl from Soulmates. Her parents are Cajunragdolls Crazy Horse of Soulmates (IMP) and  Soulmates Valentine. She and her brother Sabastian are much loved pets and were the start of our Ragdoll addiction. She is the socialite of the house and will run to the door to greet visitors who she assumes are there just to visit her and will make sure she flops in front of them so all attention is on her when greetings are exchanged. She LOVES the puppies and will happily play or cuddle up to the dogs or pounce on them as soon as they ignore her.  Thank you Marilyn and Cheryl for “our Sab babies”

Gallery of Sabrina