Kitten Adoption Information

Kitten Info When Adopting One Of Our Babies

All my kittens are raised in home with lots of love and attention. All are handled daily from birth to give them the best start. Our babies are raised as part of our family.
All my Ragdoll babies will leave for the forever homes at 16 weeks of age “NO SOONER” This allows these precious babies all the time they need with their mum, dad and siblings to socialise and learn all about being a well rounded and stable baby for you. It also gives them plenty of time to get over their desexing operations.
I will only sell my Kittens to “INDOOR ONLY” homes as there are just too many dangers outdoors for them, not to mention the fact that they could get lost or be stolen.
If they need to go outside then please make sure you have an approved cat proof enclosure for them to be in. Supervised outside visits on a harness are also acceptable.
While they do love their outdoor time, it is by no means a nessesary thing to keep them happy. As long as they have plenty of toys and scratch posts you kitten will live a very happy life inside.



* Registered with SACC
* Health checked by a vet twice
* Desexed (This is not negotiable)
* Mirco Chipped
* 2x Vaccinations
* Up to date with all worming and flea treatments
* Litter trained and sold with a signed contract.