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Kittens Up For Adoption

NEW SEASON : Our Kittens Have Started To Arrive 🙂

Ragdolls – We will have kittens in all the colours and patterns available.

British Short Hair – We will have both Short Hair and a possibility of British Long Hair kittens in both Blue, Lilac and Chocolate.

Please read our conditions of adoption under “Kitten Adoption Information” before applying for a new furchild from AdoreAdoll’s


Complete our easy online application and we will contact you soon, to start the interview process.

Our kittens will NOT leave home before 16 – 18 weeks of age and ALL will be neutered/spayed. There is NO exception to this rule. 

UPDATE – 30 November 2021

Available : Group A 

  1. 1 x Flame Male
  2. 1x Seal Point Mitted Male

The first babies are going home early December, the second group will go home just in time for Xmas and the last from January 2022 onwards

You can contact us by completing our online contact form / kitten application form, drop us a Whatsapp on 084 264 1031 or email to for more info and photos.

We will respond to your email/ contact form information as quickly as possible, however, please note this can take some time, as kitten duties and family responsibilities come first, but we assure you we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Thank you for your patience.

WARNING : – There are numerous SCAMS at the moment. Please visit The South African Cat Council or CASA websites and choose your breeder from one listed there. Links attached for your convenience.


Our contract states, that should you for what EVER reason need to rehome your furchild, that it comes back to us so that we can assist you with NO JUDGEMENT ( we understand unexpected life changes happen sometimes) to find a suitable and similar home to yours, that has been vetted and is safe. You can also choose to leave your babies to us, in your Will, for the same reasons.

Under NO circumstances do we want our babies landing up in shelters or abandoned by someone who may offer to take care of your precious fur child and finds out later they can’t or are unable to do so and they are then uprooted again.

If no such situation/home exists, or another change is not in the best interest of each individual baby, your furchild will remain safely with us, back in its first home, with its first fur and human family members.

For this reason, we may from time to time, have older babies looking for new forever homes. This does NOT happen often but I will put up a notification here should there be anything available. Strict checks do apply as older cats are more difficult to resettle and the right home needs to be carefully chosen and matched.

Thank you.